Talks & Seminars

Selected Talks & Seminars

The Asymptotic Weak Gravity Conjecture in M-theory

Parallel Talk at String Phenomenology 2023, Daejeon, South Korea, 2023

Plenary Talk at Holography and the Swampland, Be’er Sheva, Israel, 2023

Plenary Talk at Seminar Series on String Phenomenology, ZOOM, 2023

Dynamical consequences of 1-form and 2-group symmetries in Argyres-Douglas theories
Plenary Talk at Quiver Meeting, Imperial College, ZOOM, 2023

Opening up the EFT string limits
Parallel Talk at String Pheno 2022, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 2022

Dynamical Tadpoles and Weak Gravity Constraints
Plenary Talk at Iberian Strings 2021, ZOOM, 2021

Discrete Symmetries, Weak Coupling Conjecture and Scale Separation in AdS Vacua
Plenary Talk at Dark World to Swampland - The IBS-IFT-MultiDark Workshop, ZOOM, 2020