Alessandro Mininno, PhD

Researcher in Theoretical High Energy Physics


I am a postDoc researcher, currently at II. Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Hamburg.

Here you can find information about my research interests, my studies and how to contact me.

Research Interests

My research focuses on String Theory, String Phenomenology, but also Superconformal Field Theories in various dimensions.

In the context of String Phenomenology, I am mainly interested in the so-called Swampland Program, aimed to find constraints that any Effective Field Theory coupled to gravity must satisfy in order to be compatible with Quantum Gravity. Most of the time, such constraints are expressed in terms of conjecture, and I focus on various versions of Weak Gravity Conjecture that, together with my collaborators, we tested in different set-ups, such as type-II / F-theory and M-theory compactifications.

I am also interested in formal aspects of String compactifications, such study of supersymmetric vacua with minimal supersymmetry.

My other research interest are Argyres-Douglas Theories, and their compactifications in 3d. In the past years, we studied generalized global symmetries of these theories, such as 1-form and 2-group symmetries, as well as non-invertible symmetries.

One can find selected papers per year in my Publications section, as well as my complete list of publications.

Teaching Experience

2023 - 2024

Introduction to Solid State Physics
Teaching assistant at University of Hamburg
Professors: Prof. Nils Huse and Prof. Christian Schroer

General Relativity
Teaching Assistant at University of Hamburg
Professor: Prof. Gudrid Moortgat-Pick

2022 - 2023

Quantum Field Theory 1
Teaching Assistant at University of Hamburg
Professor: Prof. Timo Weigand

Mathematical Foundations of Physics
Teaching Assistant at University of Hamburg
Professor: Prof. Gleb Arutyunov